Raising Expectations Standards & Honor 180 Curriculum (RESH 180)

Middle & High School Curriculum created to inspire and motivate students to acquire skills they need to succeed in the classroom. Includes Instructor's Teaching Manual, Step-by-Step Instructor's Notes (download to any mobile device), Fully Instructional DVD with Animation and Student Workbooks.

RESH 180 offers lesson plans for teachers to increase students ...

- Academic Performance

- Classroom Interest

- Motivation

- Character Building

- Personal Expectations

- College Interest

- Career Interest

- Resiliency Skills

- Goal Setting

- Family Interaction

- Self-Confidence

- Purpose Thinking

RESH 180 can be used for...

- Classroom Curriculum

- One-on-One Mentoring

- Home School Lessons

- Small Groups

- After-School Programs

- Independent Study

- Leadership Training

RESH 180 works great to help teachers coach ...

- Students who are failing classes.

- Students with a low grade point average.

- Students with attendance problems.

- Students who are not interested in class subjects.

- Students who lack motivation.

How does RESH 180 Work?

1. Provides a NEW LENS. (Filter-out negative influences)

2. Provides Tools to be PURPOSE-DRIVEN.(Builds up confidence, resiliency skills & leadership)

3. Provides MOVING FORWARD skills. (Navigate through set-backs & challenges)

RESH 180 is suited for...

Middle & High School Educators, Home School Teachers, Charter Schools, Mentors, Intervention Specialist, Parents, Youth Church Workers, Small Group Facilitators, Counselors, Juvenile Probation and Juvenile Justice Staff

RESH 180 Includes ...

Student Workbook

Divided into 7 sections and is designed as a full-color publication. The content is cognitive-behavior based, offering students opportunities to articulate, apply, interact, and journal reactions to concepts and experiences.

Student DVD

Provides additional learning resources such as videos & animations illustrating the program concepts as well commentary per page. One of the great benefits, it provides the ability to review RESH 180 away from the classroom. Whether to show and share with parents or for a student to navigate at their own self-pace.

Instructor's Manual

Contains all the content of the student workbook, including step-by-step instructions and teaching illustrations for every RESH 180 session.

Instructor's DVD

The Instructor’s DVD is structured such that the instructor can use the DVD as much or little as needed. DVD video content can used in conjunction with live teaching. An additional feature is the included pod casts that an Instructor can download to an audio device (phone, Ipad, tablet, MP3 player, etc) for step-by-step instruction and commentary.