Oakland Raiders Chaplain Incorporates

Youth Motivation Curriculum to Inspire NFL Players

TAMPA, FL - The average NFL career lasting only 3.6 years, the lowest of the major pro sports. What this means is that after one's NFL career ends there are about 40 additional years in a person's work life.

"The biggest challenge many of our players have is looking ahead for the rest of their lives. They have everything, in a sense. In the NFL, they've achieved their dream of playing at the highest level. They have a lot of money, but it comes to an end quicker than most of them can even imagine." - Former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue.

As the NFL's first Hispanic team chaplain, Ybarra has been spiritually guiding players on and off the field since 1999. After reading a survey that stated 78% of players two years away from playing the game are either divorced, bankrupt, and/or unemployed, Ybarra turned to his motivation curriculum "Raising Expectations Standards and Honor 180"(RESH 180) to help players avoid being part of the statistic.

RESH 180 is designed to provide life skills to help discover purpose, raise expectations, and provide a new lens to view themselves to utilize gifts and talents for off-season opportunities. To Ybarra's amazement many players selected one-on-one sessions on Tuesday (only day-off during season) for a total of eight weeks to sharpen skills and create a game plan for off-season pursuits and internships.

"The principles I've learned from RESH 180 have been a cornerstone for my life," said Raiders quarterback Andrew Walter.

"I was exposed to RESH 180 in my rookie season," adds New York Jets defensive end Kenyon Coleman. "Hands down it was exactly what I needed to help me excel on and off the field."

With the educational crisis in America has reached historic level and stories of budget cuts, struggling academic achievement and student safety are covered daily in the news, RESH 180 is a solution to this dreadful crisis.

Ybarra knows what it's like to have no hope or motivation. Growing up in San Jose, California, Ybarra found himself a child of divorce and welfare, and turned to using and selling drugs to survive, had a profound 180 experience that radically changed his life resulting in reaching over 300,000 young people across America and Africa.

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