"RESH 180 activated my passion and purpose towards my future. 

Tiffany Valdes, Student 

“I was exposed to RESH 180 in my rookie season, hands down it was exactly what I needed to help me excel on and off the field.”

Kenyon Coleman, DE Dallas Cowboys

“RESH 180 is designed to instantaneously impact youth to think about making long-term strategic decisions”

Dr. Pete Ellis, Ph.D. Founder of University of Phoenix

“RESH 180 is an incredible motivational program to help people maximize their purpose in life”

Tim Brown , Heisman Trophy Winner, 9 NFL Pro-Bowls

“The RESH 180 program is a powerful force influencing lives across the nation."

Ken Foreman, Sr. Pastor , Cathedral of Faith Church

“RESH 180 demonstrates more exemplary teaching strategies in the shortest time span than I’ve seen in most award-winning classrooms."

Mary Male, Ph.D. Coordinator, SJSU Alternative Education Teacher Training Program