The Ready-to-Use curriculum including Instructor's Manual, Instructor's DVD, Slide Presentation, & Step-by-Step Instructors Notes ready to be downloaded on your mobile device. Take a look at Session One.

SESSION TWO - GOALS - Introduces a grid for students to see themselves in the context of a gauge that reveals different roles of their life as well an opportunity to pause and evaluate personal, career, education, family, health and future status. Like driving a car ... gauges are vital to check gas, oil, mph, water, etc... if driver does not check gauges, breakdown and stoppage is inevitable.

SESSION THREE - VISION - Introduces a New Lens by providing a young person with a lens to see life through the eyes of purpose-thinking. As well it provides a filter to filter-out negative influences. 

SESSION FOUR - DIRECTION - Introduces 4 routes - Clueless, Wasteful, Going in Circles & Purpose Driven. The objective is for students to assess the route they are currently on... and make adjustments to steer onto the route of purpose-driven.

SESSION FIVE - PURPOSE - Offers an inside look to 4 Traits that are the driving force to maximizing purpose - Forward Motion, Intelligence, Gifts & Passion. Equally important it exposes one of the dangerous forces that attacks a young person's thinking...Doubt.

SESSION SIX - MINDSET - Introduces skills & coaching to develop and strengthen a positive core mindset called 4D's - Designed, Delivered, Dependent and Destined.

SESSION SEVEN - LEGACY - Provides building blocks to strengthen relationships and promotes Legacy into focus. The emphasis is to sustain healthy connections by being proactive with family, friends, teachers and coaches in the midst of periodic strain and stress. Legacy offers students skills to see themselves 45-years ahead.

SESSION EIGHT - MAXIMIZE - Geared to help students assess their progression of understanding and utilizing the New Lens, Purpose-Driven skills & Moving Forward capabilities by measuring the Pre-Dream Target to Post-Dream Target.